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Product - Evacuation Pod (Isolation Transport Unit)

Evacuation Pod (Isolation Transport Unit)

Product Code : VR-005

Overall size: 1850 L * 570 W * 450 H mm
Size of Orifice: 4.25’’, 2.25’’
Acrylic sheet: 3mm and 4mm thick
Mounted on Stretcher Trolley

Description: This isolation chamber prevents cross-contamination between the patient and the external environment. It is specifically designed for transporting patients with spontaneous ventilation or mechanical ventilation by ambulances and aircraft. The device makes it safe for the Medical Services personnel engaged in transfer of the patient to remain safe from getting infected.
Two orifices at mouth position to provide access for suction.
Two orifices at both side of chest position provide access for giving medication through IV line.
One orifice on top (above mouth area) provided for attaching ventilator circuit.

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