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Product - ICU Nursing Pod 1 with Negative Pressue

ICU Nursing Pod 1 with Negative Pressue

Product Code : VR-004

Overall size: Head Section L760 x W 828 x H440 mm,
Leg Section L 1230 x W 928 x H 490 mm
Size of Orifice: Round 5’’, 3.5’’ & 2.25’’
Rectangular 3.5’’x 5’’ (inch)
Acrylic sheet: 3mm and 4mm thick
Description: The ICU Isolation Chamber is self-contained with own negative pressure pump to impart maximum protection and safety to the patient within and the Medical Services personnel outside the pod. The options of spontaneous ventilation as well as mechanical ventilation, CPR, to the patient within the chamber with no release of contaminants in the ICU environment along with the convenience to nurse the patient (Ventillator, ECG, IV and Suction management) through the strategically crafted orifices make it less scary for the ICU staff to discharge the duty efficiently.
The pod is made in two parts –
a. Head and chest cover
b. Cover below chest.
Both the parts are joint together by 90 GSM waterproof PPE material.
The Head part can be raised also.
An inner lining of 90 GSM waterproof PPE material is provided in the Head & chest cover so that contamination will not leak out from this passage. This is for extra safety.
Two orifices on top of chest position provide easy access for chest compression.
Two orifices (one on top and the other at the side of chest area) provide convenient access for placing defibrillator pads for giving electric shock to the patient in case it is required.
Two orifices (one at chest position and the other near the toe) provide access for fitting ECG leads.
Two orifices at head end to provide access for intubation.
One orifice at right hand side of chest position provides access for giving medication through IV line.
One orifice on top (above mouth area) provided for attaching ventilator circuit.

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